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Jan 23: White River Yacht Club: Indianapolis, IN

Jan 24: The Story Inn, Brown County, IN

Jan 25: Ft. Wayne Comedy Club, Ft. Wayne, IN

Feb 8: Relay For Life Benefit, Detroit, MI

Feb 14-15: O'Fallon, IL

Feb 28: Carterville, IL

Feb 29: Highland, IL

Mar 2-7: Recording Stewart Huff's Obsessive Curiosities

Mar 9-12: Howie Mandel's Comedy Club, Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 13-14: Wisecracker's, State College, PA

Apr 3-4: St. Paul, MN

Apr 17-18: Comedy Zone, Harrisburg, PA

Apr 24-25: The Caravan, Louisville, KY

May 1-2: Holly Hotel: Holly, MI

May 9: Pat Coslett's Simplicity Furniture: Evansville, IN

July 2-4: Laugh-In Comedy Club: Ft. Myers, FL

July 21-25: Just For Laughs: Montreal

July 30-Aug 1: Dr. Grins: Grand Rapids, MI